Two trainers, two accounts, same room--why doesn't it work?

My wife and I have two new Saris H3 trainers, two sample Zwift accounts, two iPads, and the programs scramble each other. Is this a bluetooth problem? Should our setups be a certain distance apart? Is this a Saris question instead of a Zwift question? I have tried the Rouvy sample that came with the trainers–looks good to me. Wouldn’t Zwift rather have two accounts in our family instead of one?

Not an iPad expert, but make sure (if you haven’t already…) each gets paired to the appropriate trainer.

(not really sure what you mean by “scramble”…)

There is another thread somewhere on the forum that you should search for to get more information on this. If I recall correctly, though, the basic steps would be to only have the power on for one of the two ‘systems’ (trainer, ipad, etc) at at time. Set up the first ‘system’ (pairing of iPad, trainer, HRM (if using one), then power it down and power up the second one and do all of the pairing. Then, I think you can power both on at the same time and each should recognize the items previously paired to it. If you attempt to pair up both at the same time the devices just get confused as to where they should pair.

Zwift would most certainly want you to have 2 accounts. More money in their pockets. That’s one of the reasons why we switched to Rouvy. They offer a family plan for $10 a month.

We have 2 computers and two Zwift accounts right next to each other and it work fine. Most important thing is to pay attention when pairing so you pair the correct devices. But now even our 10 year old can pair her devices while I’m riding.