Two rides with duplicate fit files

I just completed two rides back to back. One was a warm up before a race. I rode for approximately 10ks and then jumped into the race a couple minutes before the start. I then completed the race (30km) and saved it but the fit file for this second ride is the same as the 10k warm up. When I look at it on zwift it shows it as a seperate ride of 30k but when I click on the ride it shows me the same course and distance as my previous ride. Strava also won’t accept the second ride as it detects it as a duplicate file. Both rides were done on an Apple TV device if that makes a difference.

I have the exact same problem for the last two days, and last two races.
I also use the Apple TV.
The km is right but the map in companion/Zwift is from the warmup.

Look in the latest update thread and you’ll see lots of this, all seems to be Apple TV (plus you get the bonus of funky draughting AND possible graphical glitches YAY!

Its not isolated to ATV …

I have the same issue

Same issue here this morning and using an iPad Pro - not Apple TV

Same issue - one day ago. Apple TV.

Try with the new 1.15.1, which is supposed to fix this.