Two problems using Garmin Speed Sensor

I’m trying to have a go at a Tuesday or Thursday night ZTR race.

I jump on and do a warm up of around 30-60 minutes, ride around to the start and get ready. No problems.

Use the keyboard to change my name.

Get all excited for the off

then watch them all ride off, whilst I’m pedaling like mad and not going anywhere. 

Zwift has stopped talking to my garmin speed sensor, even though my HR and cadence is fine.  I’ve probably been stopped for about 5 minutes most.


The second problem is my wattage.  The faster I pedal the higher the watts, until I get to 440watts.  Then anything faster than that makes the watts go  down again.  I’m trying to get the achievement for 500w but it cruelly keeps dangling it in front of me with no hope of getting it.

I’m 120kg, are fat people not allowed the achievement I wonder :slight_smile:


Apart from that it’s absolutely fantastic and the most fun I’ve had exercising ever!  Keep up the good work.