Two observations

(DB Smith (65+)) #1
  1.  The name for my Garmin ANT+ cadence/speed sensor is given different names in Zwift – three so far, all different. The data seems correct so I guess it doesn’t matter but not sure why Zwift uses three different names for the same piece of equipment?

  2. I find that Watopia course selection (from the drop-down menu) is pretty random. Several times I’ve made one choice when I start and discover later that my selection wasn’t honored by the program. (If you wonder why I don’t notice immediately, I confess that occasionally I ride Zwift while watching something else – not looking at the Zwift screen.) The course selection is important to me because (although I like the mountain courses best) I often the flat course to get more Points for the same ride time. IMO Zwift should think about giving more points for elevation gained, not just miles ridden. My 2¢.

But, in any case, the ride selection seems to often be random rather than as chosen.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi DB, 

  1. Go to Documents->Zwift and delete the “knowndevices.xml” file, this will fix the naming issue. 
  2. This could be potential bug, we will take a look at it. If you have some more information like the course chosen and where you ended up, please let us know. 

Thank you very much for your help :)