Two ideas of things I'd like to see

(Madeleine Kraus) #1

I spent the summer riding Watopia and Richmond, and have had a week now with the workout mode and have the following thoughts: 

I like the workout mode, and the audio and visual cues to the beginning and ending of each interval are genius. While in workout mode, though, I have noticed that I can get “Ride Ons” from other riders, but I cannot return the encouragement. There are technical reasons, I am sure … would it be possible to add the power of giving of Ride On encouragement to rider during the last cool down piece of workouts? After the work of the workout is done but before one climbs off?   

How are you engaging Juniors? Big question, but it seems to me that an app that allowed for age groups below 18 would bring together high school students in a unique way. Some kids just don’t like team sports, and high schools are  hard pressed to find something for them to do during PE … at least in the USA cycling isn’t one of those things because of the liability to the school associated with putting kids on the street on bikes. 


Madeleine Kraus