Twilight Harbour

I have been trying to complete the route Twilight Harbour both by running and cycling but it’s impossible to compete and get the badge. Must have tried at least 10 times by now. When coming close to the end, some 1-2 km remaining, it seems there’s some bug and all of sudden I’m off route. Can never complete it and get the badge/xp for route completion.

Only me?

What makes you think you’re ‘off route’, other than not getting the badge? Are you taking a strange turn somewhere, or something like that?

also, not all route badges are available for running, but that has nothing to do with being taken off course…

Looking at your run it does look like you are not starting at the right location. I don’t know why :frowning:

Strange indeed.
Until the last km, i see the “distance left” at the top but then somewhere at the end, it just disappears.

I get the feeling that the avatar should take one left earlier than he does in the end, instead of going straight, and that sort of stops the route from getting completed.

I know from both run and bike badge list that it is a valid route and that one should get a badge upon completion.

Wierd if only i have this.

Behaves the same on both PC and Android

This is Twilight Harbor: A loop in the City

This is where you Avatar ran.

Not even close to the correct route.

Something strange is going on. :frowning:

Could you post link to the run badge list you have seen as I don’t believe Twighlight Harbour is a run badge.

The ZwiftHacks routes app indicates there are no running badges in Makuri…