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Is there a slicker way to do this? My trainer (Tacx Vortex) does not respond to SIM or ERG modes when connected via Zwift Mobile Link. No reistance change unless I connect it via Apple TV

Every time I launch Zwift on ATV I have to do the following dance in the pairing screen.

[1] Click the “Use Apple TV bluetooth in stead” button. Connect my trainer.

[2] Connect my Wahoo TICKR X.

[3] Attempt to connect my Wahoo Cadence Sensor.

[4] Get the pop up dialogue that suggests connecting via Zwift Mobile Link in stead – Launch ZML and select yes.

[5] Pair Cadence sensor via ZML.

[6] Un-pair TICKR and re-pair via ZML (may not be necessary but I’ve observed best results this way).

Is there a way to get Zwift to default to the last used pairing setup, or is this a feature request?