TV shuts itself off during zwift

I used mirroring on iphone to LG 4k Tv, then I start zwift on iphone that is projected on TV.

About one third of the time, TV just shuts itself off, presumably from overheating. Should I buy apple tv to resolve this issue. Also is zwift a video game and if so, should i use the gaming picture mode to resolve this issue.

If your LG is shutting off from overheating, it would shut off also for other things. It’s a good brand and I guess you don’t have a low range model. No need to buy an Apple TV just for that.

and yes, Zwift is a video game indeed.

I have the same issue with a TV attached to a PC. After 4 hours the TV will power off. It can be made to stay on by changing a setting in the “Eco” mode of the TV

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Aiming a fan at the back of the TV would probably do more to help with overheating than getting an Apple TV.

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Literally zero reason why the TV would be overheating, unless it’s fundamentally faulty.

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I think you right about that. It can’t be overheating.

It seems a lot of people use Apple TV with no issues especially with an Apple iPhone.

Some kind of power save mode either on the TV or the phone would indeed be the most plausible explanation. The TV itself is not doing anything more demanding than showing video, so forget about overheating.

TV is brand new. There are no timers or sleep modes on either.

My guess is that the TV is just turning itself off due to ‘inactivity’ after some period of time. i.e. you are not changing the channel, or adjusting the volume, or any other sort of interaction. I have had this happen in the middle of something I was watching, as I had not ‘interacted’ with the TV in a while. I think it just presumes you are gone, and forgot to turn it off. So, if it’s always turning off at around the same time after you start Zwifting you might look for some sort of ‘auto-off’ setting on the TV to see if it can be changed, or perhaps just adjust the volume every so often using the remote, so that it knows you’re ‘still there’.

This may not be the issue, but worth a shot.

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Ordinarily you’d get a warning reference inactivity prior to it shutting down.

Likewise when you turn it back on it might inform you it shut down because of inactivity.

However that may only apply too physical connections such as HDMI etc…

I’d fire off an email to LG asking them.

I’d also time it to see if it does it at the same time, if however it isn’t and it’s at random times then it could indicate a fault.

Heat is not the cause unless there is a fault.

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Is your iPhone ok with this? Just checking it’s not your iPhone overheating and stopping mirroring, and the TV turns off through lack of an input. I would have thought you’d have noticed that, but just thought I’d put it out there.

I’ve used wireless screen-mirroring extensively and my experience is it’s generally flaky and tends to disconnect.

I switched to a hard-wired connection using Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adaptor and that worked better. Ultimately, I went AppleTV and PC, again, hard-wired.

I am using a 43" TV for Zwift via connection with a CPU which does not shut off anytime as long as Zwift is running. The TV will shut off only when the CPU has inactivity according to the set timing to do so.