Turning off the Zwift Effect

(Jeff Preston65+@BNC) #1

How can you turn off the Zwift effect? I was trying to do a very easy recovery spin but couldn’t due to the Zwift effect :wink: damn i hate when that happens. RIDE ON!

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #2

I use my iPhone to turn my KICKR into erg mode. No matter how hard I try I can’t raise my power for long :).

(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #3

I think we all have this problem. I have considered disabling my internet connection to be riding on the island alone… I haven’t done it yet, but I might have to. Seems like every recovery and endurance ride turns into a tempo/threshold ride :slight_smile:

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #4

I’ve disabled my internet connection to ride alone a couple times now, sometimes you need an easy spin :wink:

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #5

Um, I think you shouldn’t be able to do this on Zwift Island. It’s effectively cheating by removing the resistance thus enabling you to ride unrealistic rides. But in essence I agree, I think there needs to be a cool down/warmup ‘zone’ or map. I also think there should be a ‘free ride’ map where, as you said, you can just go for a quick spin and pick your own resistance as required.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #6

I haven’t tried riding with the Zwift Effect off for more than a couple minutes. It happened when it wasn’t in Sim mode and in the biggest gear i could barely break 100 watts. I’ll have to try it again but I don’t think you can gain an advantage with Sim off.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #7

I have sometimes been doing a freeride through TrainerRoad with Zwift and this does work but you can still change it to Slope mode and chase after someone if you are fed up with everyone passing you which kind of defeats the purpose!

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #8

Yes, iPhone and ERG mode. It’s a good mental workout watching as others blow by you. But I then connect my SRM to Zwift. How would you do this if you didn’t have another power source?

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #9

@Eric - the KICKR still reports power to Zwift via ANT+ even when the iPhone is controlling it using Bluetooth.

It’s kind of interesting how the same power seems really easy going uphill and really hard going downhill in the sim.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #10

When you do Zwift with TrainerRoad at a set power level you only go as fast as the power would be if you were putting out those figures on Zwift. It just means you can spin up the hills easier. Foe example, I am 95kg and if I am doing an easy ride around 200-220 watts then I will be going up the steep parts around 4-5mph. Normally I struggle to keep the h/r low enough if using normal Zwift mode when going up the steep parts.

(Chris Cleeland Kiss (a)) #11

“zwift effect”?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #12

It gets us all eventually.
You can be ambling along doing a nice easy recovery ride but when rider after rider passes you buy you just can’t help yourself and just have to give chase. Then the sprint markers loom, boom! all out sprint, legs screaming that they need a rest but the only way to do that is stay away from Zwift. Unfortunately I can’t do that and I am totally hooked by the Zwift effect!

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #13

I “try” to avoid the Zwift effect on easy days by finding a small group to pace. It works for a lap or so before one of us is hit by the Zwift Effect :slight_smile: I’d like to see the training plan control your power max (for Kickrs and for trainers limit the max speed/power displayed) and maybe the competition could then be to see who has the lowest heart rate and can recover quickest after the hills. HR data would have to be displayed though. Maybe they can add that to the planned trainer type data.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #14

That is a good idea. I sometimes do easy rides using TrainerRoad to do the power figures but you can still switch to slope mode which lets you up the power. It is annoying at my weight (95kg) when I an crawling up the hills at 4-5mph at 200-220W. Everyone passes me with ease on the recovery rides.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #15

It would be very interesting if Zwift could partner with TrainerRoad, and create a Zwift route of some of the TrainerRoad graphs - can you imagine RIDING an FTP test??!!

(Chris Cleeland Kiss (a)) #16

RIDING an FTP test? That’s pretty much how they all are, aren’t they? You can do an FTP test out on the road.