Turn off drafting

(Chris Ashley B) #1

Is there any plans to have or would it be easy to add an option so I can not receive any draft from a rider… what I’m getting at is… its nice to come on the island nd do some harder interval sessions, but I want it under my power… If I’m in the middle of an effort I don’t want the guys who just latched on coming through and making it easier for me so to say… Drafting is nice when you want it… the new island is perfect for hard efforts due to the increased length and elevation change…

(Jeff Contreras) #2

Can I halfway vote for this?  From a training perspective, power is power, regardless of drafting.  I train in Zwift with TrainerRoad, and just ignore whether I’m drafting or not and pay attention to power.

That being said, I would be in favor of a “no pace line” or “solo” option, which would keep you from latching on to someone’s wheel automatically.  When I’m training, I don’t want someone to think I owe them a pull through.  And if you automatically latch on, that creates the issue.