Turbo response on ergo mode to jumps in wattage requirements.

Currently on an FTP training program and during the strength training blocks (where short peaks of power are required for no more than 10 seconds) the response is very slow such that the block is over before the software has registered the feedback from the trainer and then quickly drop the wattage requirement back down. Can the lag be addressed?

Sorry should add using wahoo kickr smart trainer. 

Hi Trevor, if you just try and keep cadence steady during those short intervals and let the trainer do the adjusting you should be able to do the short spikes pretty well.   While it does take some time to ramp up, it also takes some time to ramp down so you’ll get a decent approximation of the prescribed workout.

Each trainer does its adjusting internally - some hit hard within 1 second (like a computrainer), others adjust slowly over 8-10 seconds (like a Powerbeam), and the kickr is sort of in the middle.  It isn’t within our control at this point in time, but we are trying to see if Wahoo will expose those parameters to us in the future.

Thanks Jon, appreciate the response given it’s turbo related as opposed to software.

sorry to “piggyback” on this question, but as it’s very much related - how does the Tacx Bushido Smart (T2780) compare speed-wise - i’m very much guessing from how mine “feels” that it’s on the slower end of the response times…   it also seems to be a little “lax” in “locking into” a specified power rating in erg. mode - it’s much easier than I was expecting to “drift” either up or down from the preset wattage (esp. c/f to riding Tacx’s own TTS software in erg mode)…   are there any user-configurable parameters that can “tighten” this lock or is it again just down to Tacx’s whims in releasing access to the parameters ?