Turbo Muin wattage levels far too high

I have been using Zwift for a fortnight - love the concept but as I have set up with an Elite Turbo Muin and Zpower my wattage levels are off the scale. I can be getting 500w with a heart rate of only 100bpm and sustain it for ages. Find myself having to go much slower to stop getting called a “flier” by other riders. Really frustrating, as want to join in the Zwift experience but don’t want to spoil it for everyone whose efforts are being properly reflected in the game. Is there an easier way to calibrate the Turbo Muin to solve this problem? Signal is not dropping, it is just over recording.

Charlie, did you set your Misuro B sensor correctly? If you have Elite Turbo Muin with a serial number above 30000 you have to set Misuro B sensor on 12 blinks. You can look for more info here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KuNrMiD4vE