TTT: Who is in Front (Pulling) on My Team During Race?

I participate in a weekly TTT race. We have a power target for the rider pulling (on the front) and I need a method to determine how closely the actual effort achieved the target, for each team member.

I gather the fit files from each team member after the event, import to Goldencheetah, and get a table of second-by-second values, e.g. time, cumulative distance, power, speed, HR, cadence - for each team member. That goes into Excel. I compare the cumulative distance across all team members, for every second of the race. My assumption is that “largest distance at any time means rider is in front”.

Problem: out of a team of 6+ people, using the “largest distance means in front” results in 1-2 individuals being evaluated as “in front”. However, I know from being in the race, we rotated every 60 seconds, i.e. it’s not just 2 people in front.

I have tried to calculate my own version of distance using the Speed field - same results (1-2 people look to be in front). I have calculated distance on my own using Latitude and Longitude - same result.

Looking at fit files, how do I determine who is on front? Everyone started the race at the same time, from the same location.


I have found doing a proper paceline in Zwift is is pretty tough. I like the ability to target a rider(s) and see their watts/heart rate/ and also the drafting benefit both myself and any other riders are currently getting…