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(Stephen Jackson [X]) #1

 A long time Zwifter here. Just started the TT training plan. Love the structure and the flexibility. All good there. A few minor points on the TT TuneUp - 30/30 Anaerobic #1.

-  The text says 5 mins at threshold, but I suspect it meant sweet spot as it was 10% below my set threshold. Perhaps a text error?

  • During the 30/30 elements, the text asked me a few times to note my starting and ending HR, then later to compare with the second set of 30/30. However, once the 30/30s were over there was no text to advise what I was supposed to do with the noted HRs. Was same start/finish HR a good throughout a good thing? Was it rising a couple of beats an indication of something? Should I note it for next time? Should I be adjusting my FTP? Great to get prompted to note the numbers, but was left a bit flat when my data collection was for nought :slight_smile:

All minor points, no biggie at all, just thought you might like to know.

Love the product, and and a keen support. Keep up the stellar work.



(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Stephen,

  1. “sweet spot” is not actually a physiological term. It’s a nice reference point to a “kind of hard” intensity, but certainly some debate about whether or not too much time in that zone is actually detrimental because it’s hard enough to require a fair bit of recovery but not actually hard enough to stimulate adaptation the way higher, super-threshold intensities do. But that’s a bit of a minefield… Anyway, to answer your actual question, the “threshold zone” spans pretty wide - from probably about 85% - 105% of FTP.

I promise this isn’t a total tangent… As your progress through this plan, you’ll see reference to “threshold” - especially during warm-ups - that really span a pretty wide range. There’s also reference to sweet spot - but that’s really a tighter sub-set of intensities (85-95%) within the threshold zone.

It’s important to remember that threshold isn’t really a fixed number. A zone really is a better way to think about it. My favorite reference doc for this is Dr. Phil Skiba’s “Understanding Threshold” -

  1. Two notes on HR for that set. 
  • it should rise within the set from start to finish; if it doesn’t, your FTP is probably too low. It should “staircase” up. Basically, it should level off or slightly drop on the rest, but then climb on the higher intensity efforts.

  • it should be relatively consistent between set one and set two. If it’s higher - especially if it’s way higher - during the second set, that’s probably a sign of an overly optimistic FTP (or you were just tired…).

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll think about how we might message some of the stuff in here in a bit more brief manner. (I tend to be a bit long winded…).

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #3

Hi Jordan

thanks for the amazingly quick response, and lucid discussion. Helps a lot! 

Love your work



(Steven D) #4

Hi Stephen,

I don’t really have anything else to offer beyond what Jordan explained already. Great work there.

We do have a Zwift community write up that explains more about the Training Plans just for general information. Thanks!

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #5

“Rest” period wattages are reversed during some interval’s.

ie: Ride at 180w /Rest at 230w.

I wish I could opt out of the text messages.

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #6

A very annoying problem arose tonight. I started the TT plan on Monday the 25th. Did the second workout on Wednesday the 27th. The plan said I had until Friday (29th, right now) to do the third workout. I got on this evening (7:40pm) to do the 3rd workout and it was greyed out. It now has the 4th workout by Sunday, but I suspect that too will grey out early on Sunday morning.

Also unable to do any other workout without abandoning the TT program. Very disappointing. Just did half a lap of Richmond instead.

It seems to have something to do with time zones. I assume the dates and days it refers to are US time, and I am east coast Australia.  I am clearly within the required window to complete, and even if I was a few hours out surely it is my problem to complete. I travel for work and therefore do some workouts early morning and other in the evening. 

Advice please.   . 

(Jordan Rapp) #7

Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, it’s a known bug where the “zero” date is when you signed up as opposed to 00:00 on Monday. We’ve got it fixed and will push it out shortly, but - unfortunately - there’s no stop-gap solution for now. I wish I had a better answer and am truly sorry for the confusion and frustration.



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