TT Tempus Fugit, Finish Line after 3 km

TT master Tempus Fugit: Had a weird experience today. Startet Masters Time Trial Tempus Fugit. After the first Sprint mark, the finish line popped up and Iwas done after about 3 km. I was then dropped back to the regular Tempus Fugit Track with 2535 km left (!!!) in the round. I won the event, because it recorded 1:40 Min… Don’t know what happened. But I should not be placed as a winner.

I’m not sure why this happened but I’ve updated the race result.

Didn’t want to stay another topic so jumped on this one.

In todays Zwift TT on Tempus Fugit, a guy comes flying past me on the return leg with an aero power up.
How and where do I get mine in a TT?

Possibly carried it through to the TT from a warm up.

Or got the power up using a road bike but then swapped to TT.

Was bike choice limited?

Shouldn’t be possible.

Shouldn’t but we’ve had flying bikes in Repack Ridge, invisibility cloaks on the bridge & volcano.

Anything is possible if only you believe. :wink:

Any bikes can be used but I’ve never seen a power up used in a standard Zwift TT race on Tempus Fugit.

I could have done with a couple myself.