Trying to synch new Garmin HR monitor

I recently switched Garmin HR monitors. When I log onto Zwift to connect devices, the old Garmin HR monitor appears in the box (even though I am not wearing it). The new Garmin HR monitor doesn’t pop up in the window, when I search for it (and I am wearing it). What gives?

Is it same type of HRM? An ANT+ or dual (ANT+ and BT) model? Is it seen by any other device such as Garmin wearable or Garmin bike computer?

The new HR monitor does synch with my Garmin 810. I believe it is ANT+BT.

Well, do you have ANT+ with the device running Zwift? If your former HRM had BT and the new one doesn’t this might be the reason. What model of HRM do you use? Only HRM-DUAL and HRM-PRO support BT.

I went back to the ANT+/BT Garmin HR monitor and it needed it ran a software update. Now it is pairing with Zwift and the Garmin 810.