Trying to Cancel my membership


I have also tried cancelling my Zwift membership. I was only considering on pausing it, but I have experienced exactly the same problem with the cancellation page defaulting back to the membership page after about 1 second, so you can’t cancel.

Instead of getting frustrated and wasting anymore of my time repeatedly trying I simply called my bank and explained the issue and they have BLOCKED any future payments being able to be taken from Zwift.

So my advice is… rather than get frustrated and allow this company to scam in this way, contact your bank immediately and they will be able to cancel the payment transactions.

Terrible service from Zwift.

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People using PayPal can also terminate recurring payments from the PayPal side very easily

Hi @Emily_Hingston_in_Re, sorry to hear you are having issues trying to cancel. I just went on using Chrome and got right to the cancelation page without issue. I’ve no idea why this seems to be problem for so many other users, maybe it is a internet security issue, cookies settings, other?

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I also cancelled recently, through Chrome, without any problem whatsoever. If it’s a “scam” then it’s not a very good one :rofl:

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Could be that Zwift’s different country sites pages aren’t setup right?

Had never problems cancelling - German page.
Using DuckDuckGo browser.

Hi! Tried to cancel but nothing happened, then I tried to blank my card details, but zwift wouldn’t have that either! Please help! Don’t want to pay summer through…

Try different browsers, and contact support if you can’t get it to work. Some people seem to be getting stuck and others not. I don’t think the reasons are understood, at least not that I’ve seen on the forum.

please explain why i am unable to cancel my two profiles. It is absolutely impossible after using multiple browsers it kicks me out over an over and your help guide i useless. screen shot below and maybe provide use full information and not BS.

Gerrie isn’t a member of staff, and we’re not able to assist with cancellation queries on the forums.

Please contact Zwift Support to help you with your query. You can do via this link: Canceling Your Membership

If the instructions on that page don’t help, please use the contact us button at the bottom left of the screen.


looking at your screen shot and comparing to my screen when I log in, it looks like you did already cancel or it wouldn’t have the “join now” button on the screen above Billing History. The last time you were billed was in February, so it looks like you successfully canceled this account.