Troubles with fit files after losing connection

Hi there,

I tried the new Makuri Islands route today. After twelve minutes I’ve lost connection, so restarted Zwift and was asked if I want to continue the ride. I continued for further 50 min. Now, I want to upload the full track of about 1 hour to Strava, however the fit file is showing me only the first 12 minutes, even though the file is shown as full 1 hour ride on Zwift companion and Zwift webpage.

Please help!

Waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Hi Kira … welcome to the forums.

You may have another fit file that has captured the missing ride data lurking on your Zwift device. Checkout the article below for tips on finding it. Given you had a connection problem, you may have to “fix” the fit file as well (touched on in the article too).

Note that AppleTV devices are an exception.

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Hi Dean,

If checked the article. Unfortunately, it happed on an AppleTV. The file on my.Zwift says it’s 1h ride, however the timelines is only showing the first 12 min. Any idea how to recover?

I don’t think there is a way to recover .fit files from the Apple TV, there isn’t a way to get the file off the device unfortunately. You can always add it as a manual activity on Strava, that should work.