Trouble with the Trek-Segafredo Coffee Ride

I had trouble on the last two mornings with the Trek-Segafredo ride.  Here is the sequence of events that happened today (Sunday 7/10/16 8:00 AM CDT):

  1. Started as normal, selecting flat course
  2. Selected Trek-Segafredo ride in the upper right corner.  
  3. Rode for about 10 minutes to warm up.
  4. Selected Join Event about 4-5 minutes before the ride started
  5. About a minute before the ride start, someone asked if there was a leader.
  6. Someone answered that he was the leader.
  7. We started, but there was no crown nor beacon marking the leader.
  8. The audio quit on me shortly after we left the pier. I was wondering if I did not get a good charge on my head phones, but I checked after the ride, and they are OK.
  9. We rode around the buildings, and we were about ready to join the main route. Then I noticed the individual who said he was the leader, in a small group ahead of me. I recognized him by name. There was no marker on him.
  10. I sped up to try to catch the leader’s group, which was just ahead of me. 
  11. I joined the group ahead of me, on the down slope headed to the tunnel, and started looking for the leader, by name, again.
  12. I could not see the leader.  I hung with the group for a way, trying to see the group leader.  But I could not see him.
  13. Then I decided to slow down and let the group and the leader catch up, if they were behind me.
  14. I came to the fork that leads to the mountain, and the software forced me to take it.
  15. I rode on for a little bit, then quit the ride.
  16. After that one glimpse at the beginning, I never saw the leader again.
  17. Questions: Why was the leader not marked? Why was I turned off onto the mountain route, away from the main group?  Where did the ride leader go?

Yesterday’s events were slightly different (Saturday 7/9/16 8:00 AM CDT):

  1. The crown and spot light were on the leader at the start.
  2. I was again in the front group, and lost track of the leader.
  3. I rode with the front group until we reached the island fork in the road.
  4. Most of the riders took the turn for the mountain.  
  5. I rode straight ahead.  There were only three riders with me.  I wondered how I managed to be riding with a group that was on a different route.
  6. I slowed down, hoping that some more group members would come along. None did
  7. Finally I reached the fork near the wind mills.  I was forced to turn to the mountain.  I rode on for a mile or so, then quit the event but continued to ride.
  8. Questions:  Why was I forced off the route?  Why did I loose the leader? 

I did the 3 PM ride on Saturday with no problems.  I have saved to log files if you want to see them.


Hi Gary, thanks for the info. I looked at our event setup for the coffee ride that just happened and there was no official ride leader designated for that ride, thus, no beacon.

It also appears the route was incorrectly setup for today, and thus, the group split up.

Looks like some human error on our side. I’ll ping the events organizer and try to make sure the rest of these get setup properly.  I appreciate the heads up.

Ok, thanks.  I must say I really like the ride and hope you can continue it after the Tour de France ends.  Here are some topics I would be interested in:

  • Eric Min -  What is going on with Zwift.
  • ZwiftBlog - A conversation with Eschlange.  
  • ZwiftCast - Always has interesting conversations.  (When it is on)
  • Talk with some of the Race Leaders.
  • Talk with some to the Group Leaders.

Totally, I think the zwiftcast ride could be cool!  This audio feature just came together in the last few days so we’ll keep watching to see how it’s working out, but it looks promising so far.