Trouble with kickr climb wheelbase

Anyone else having an issue updating the wheelbase on their kickr climb? Im attempting to do the hack so I can get full inline while the difficulty setting is set to 50%. I can update my wheel size etc., but when I try to update my wheelbase it just re-sets itself to 1005. I’m using an android device. I’ve opened a ticket with wahoo, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Thanks.

I just noticed the same problem. I can’t change the default value.

A few months a

In February, I could edit that field because I did the hack to set my own wheelbase value. Not sure when it reverted back to the default.

Did you get a re ply from Wahoo?

Yes, they said it would be fixed in a future update, but didn’t have a timeframe.

I have just bought the climb and have the same problem. Wahoo says they are working on it, but the question is how long it will take.

I’ve asked them about it a few times…they keep telling me they’re working on it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I received my Climb today and have the same problem. Is it only an issue on the Android app or are iPhone users having the same issue?

Well, I got an email a few days ago from Wahoo saying a new update was available that would fix the issue, however they later informed me it was only released to the 2018 version… not the 2017 that I have. My only advice is to open a strongly worded customer service inquiry with Wahoo and maybe they’ll get off their asses and fix the problem.