trouble opening iphone app

I have installed Testflight. When I attempt to open the Zwift app (using the link in the email I received), my phone just navigates to the Testflight page in the iTunes store. I don’t know why it’s doing this, since I’ve already installed Testflight.

What am I doing wrong?

You must download the Zwift mobile app from within TestFlight. Open TestFlight and it should be there.

Can I get added to test the iPhone app… I’m already beta on the PC platform.

Hi Johnny,

The mobile app is in closed beta at the moment. We will be rolling out more invites over time. Thanks!

Hi Andrew –

Testflight invitation e-mails have trouble if you use the GMail app, or potentially other e-mail apps that are not the Mail app that ships with iOS 8. However, if you can open the e-mail from within Safari using a web interface for your mail, and click on the link from there, the link should work as intended.


After I got TestFlight installed, to get the link to work, I used Apple’s Safari web browser to read my invitation email (Yahoo webmail). When I clicked on the link in Chrome, it would open TestFlight but not Zwift.

I am using an older iPad2, and things are looking good so far! Here are some photos:

Oh interesting, Steve. Thanks for the info!