Trouble keeping up with the beacon


I joined the EVO CC Flux social ride 1.5-2.0w/kg avg this morning. I had the intention to stick to the beacon all the time. Right from the start i was isolated with 5 others persons. We couldn’t keep up with the middle group where the beacon was. My average pace was 2w/kg so i don’t get it why the middle group just went farther and farther away from us.

I was surprised when i finished that another 80 people finished after our group. I had the feeling the whole ride we were the last 5 in the rear…

What is the most Zwift thing to do in that situation after the start when you can’t connect with the middle group? Do you speed up solo and go 4w/kg until you reach the middle group or do you stay with the small group in no-man’s-land?

Fwiw i use a dumb trainer witch Tacx Blue Moon setting 4.

What in-game bike did you use? If you use a TT/Tri bike they get no drafting benefit and what you are discribing can happen.


It is my 2nd week. So i guess the bike you get at the start :smiley:

Hi @Thomas_Gouwy

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With group rides you will need to start a bit faster, get your power up to about 2w/kg before the timer get to zero (last 5 seconds)

People riding in a group goes much faster than a single rider, so it is important to stay in the group. if you see the close the gap message you need to go hard to close the gap.

If you find yourself off the back then group up with other riders and ride as a little sub group.


Some groups also have Sweepers who can help you back to the pack. If there is an official sweeper they will have a red beacon over them. All you need to do is send a message asking for a wheel/sweep/help and they drop back to draft you back up even though you will need to put out more than the advertised power to reach the group. Once contact is made you should be able to settle in at the prescribed power for the ride.


I had exactly the same thing happen in the beginning and it’s quite disheartening. I tried to catch back on, but couldn’t manage and found it difficult to motivate myself after that. For me it was a learning curve, but, having ridden in groups in real life, I knew it was realistic! As the others have said, the secret is not to get dropped! Sometimes if the group is on the limit of fitness it’s pretty much like being in a race! Now I enjoy the challenge and will join groups on the limit of my fitness, or if I want an easy ride 0.5-1.0 w/kg lower! You will soon get the experience to judge which rides are the best for you!
There are a lot of recently joined Zwifters at the moment and we all pretty much go through the same mistakes or experiences!
Generally, Zwift just gets better and better the more you ride!