Tron bike flames visible with Ghost

I’m assuming this a bug and not intended. Yesterday in a race I saw racers hit the ghost power up, disappear, and then saw the flames from their invisible wheels as they tried to use the ghost power up to sprint off the front. It was helpful for me as their opponent, but I assume it was unintended to give away the location of a ghosted rider when they are sprinting just because they’re on the Tron bike.

UPDATE: Read the above where I said “Tron bike” as “fire socks”.

It is actually the fire socks that you get at level 50, not the tron bike.

It would be wise for racers to not wear the fire socks in races.

Oh, gotcha. All those observed were also on the Tron bike (I’m not a level 50 so I didn’t know about the socks, but now I want them) so I just assumed it was the Tron. But it’s still a bug, I think, and not intended.

Probably you are correct, but I still wouldn’t use them in a race. May as well message everyone that you are about to launch your sprint so they can be ready and counter attack.