Trimbike as zwift recoverybike

I build a recovery trainer for a friend of mine who is recovering from covid. This is a trimbike. It has a metal wheel inside on which i put small magnets. On the side, you see a wahoo cadence/speed sensor. This measures speed (sensing the magnets) and pedal cadence, send to zwift (on ipad) over bluetooth
In zwift, generic roller trainer is selected with 700c wheel size. This gives with 80rpm approx 25km/h speed on a flat route. The config is such that the speed is reasonable, not to lead (and cheat) the pack of course. And it works!

That is very nice of you. Very creative. :ride_on:

I would just note that using RPM to estimate power is not accurate.
p = τ * 2Π * rpm / 60

so in short
Power = Torque x PRM

So if you don’t know the torque you can’t determine the power.

But if he is not doing races and recovering and feeling good then this is a good option.