Dear Zwift,

Why cheapen the brand? If you don’t take it seriously, why would anyone else?



The trikes are part of a charity challenge. This is not to cheapen the brand. Why do people feel so entitled once they pay a monthly subscription?  

Somebody should really stop, take a hard look and think about their brand mentality.

This is about cycling and NOT about satisfying somebody’s sense of belonging to the “right” brand, cheap or otherwise. 

I loved to see my person sitting on something else for a change, no problem.

I feel entitled to an opinion. Gimmicky. Given all potential developments which could be made…who had trikes on their list?
I do 4 or 5 charity rides a year.

Someone clearly doesn’t have a sense of humor.

If you look at the challenge as well, and the prize, it involves building and donating a bunch of big wheels to kids for the holidays. We think it’s fitting and fun :slight_smile:

and you came up with trikes? My subs safely invested.

And please don’t insinuate some anti kids charity stance.

We did! But we did it for April Fools Day earlier so the assets were already there. Easy peasy.

Someone clearly needs to take a deep breath and realize that their sub being gone wouldn’t make a difference what-so-ever. I have played online games for 16 years now and it’s the same thing no matter what. “I pay 10 bucks so I can dictate your brand.” Time to get over ourselves and just enjoy what technology has brought us.

No, just insinuating a severe humour failure here and, being German, I should know, as according to UK believes at least, we have no sense of hummer at all.

Not insinuating you are from the UK btw. but what is this swearing all about (WTF)?

Don’t like it, fair enough but swearing and questioning how your subs are invested is bit over the top, just laugh it off, or in your sense, cry.

As we are questioning development, Eric, my Avatar feels dried out because the Tron bike (maybe another waste of subs) has no drink bottle!! Can we have a double holder behind the saddle (I payed my subs and want them properly invested)?


@Kermit - In the future, we don’t need water. But, hah, that’s a pretty interesting oversight. Perhaps they meant to put the Campy “aero” bottle on it?

The next challenge (where you ride to Saturn*), perhaps we’ll finally add that water bottle!





* may not ride to Saturn

@Eric, forget the water bottles, if we do go to Saturn we need holders for the ice skates!!!

I don’t know about Leky, but I’m an old fart and when I saw the Big Wheels, it brought back great memories of my younger brother riding around our neighborhood with it. Some of my younger friends used to have these in their kid races and they continue the racing on the Big Wheels to this day as annual get together. So no, love seeing them! I’m waiting until my thanksgiving break to take the time to ride 100 km on the TRIKE!

Had a go on the Trikes today. Thought I could go straight in after 3 times on zwift and do the 100k. Picked an hilly course at random. Lasted 1hr but made a few PRs up the climbs. Obviously over cook it. 

Will try again at a more sensible pace on next rainy day.

(One question)  If you rode a trike on the road you would go slower than on the bike.

Would that apply to Zwift?


I like an attempt at realism where possible. A big wheel going the same speed is unrealistic. I understand you already had the assets, easy peazy as you said… but it was really only appropriate for April Fools.

A recumbent would be interesting,

I am not upset about it… but I would rather have bicycles only. I don’t need the visual cue to remind me I am riding for a charity,

Yes, its a game, and yah, lighten up if you are actually upset about it… but I found this thread because I cared enough to search because I would like to add my voice to those who don’t like it. Cute for a day. Looking forward to it going away.