Trial Status w/ Classic Trainer

(Matt Boon) #1

Looking for some feedback:

Not sure if I will continue as it seems Zwift with a classic trainer is just becoming a stopwatch.  I’m only in day 3 but contagious is not there as when I started using Strava and could start comparing segments - that was contagious, then to start tracking followers by segment!!! 

Could I get Zwift to coach me?  Since resistance doesn’t change automatically with the classic trainer, how about some coaching messages back from Zwift telling me for instance, a 5 minute hill is approaching lets shift up - lets try for xx mph, or watts, ok we’re coasting, downshift and for 3 minutes, here’s the range of watts and speed I want you in.  Hey your slipping, step it up  We’re going downhill now and we need momentum so let’s kick it up to xx mph. 

Somekind of “interactive” coaching for those with only a classic trainer.  Otherwise I think I will wait until I can purchase a smart trainer?   I bet the experience really becomes fun with changing resistance to feel the route.

What am I missing?

Would appreciate your feedback as I’m gaining weight!