Trial Riders Not Eligible For KOMS

(Liam Mapson) #1

I would like to see trial riders ineligible for KOMs. Too often some 10 watt/kilo super freak is on the course. I suspect some of these are trial riders.

If you are on a free trial an get the KOM, then a message should flash saying “if you were a Zwift member, you would have a polka dot jersey and KOM” etc.

This would stop the riders who like to game the system and sign up with a new email address every 50 km. And make the free trial for 30 km!

(Michael Henasey) #2

let it go please :slight_smile:

(Stuart Davis) #3

It’s just a game…

(Rich Rivet) #4

A KOM by a 10 w/kg freak is a KOM whether that person used the trial version, or paid-for version. What would someone do by “gaming” the system with multiple email addresses, other than clogging up the leaderboard with multiples of their efforts?  I can’t imagine a 10 w/kg cyclist would care about such things.