Trial ended - back to Bkool. Sorry!

(Al Yellup) #1

Hi guys - enjoyed the trial and the climb up the mountain, but miss the video routes and the opportunity to ride pro race stages before I watch them on TV. Nice looking site and island, but mount watopia doesn’t do it for me like alpe d’huez or col de galibier does.

thanks for the trial!

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Al, 

Thank you very much for your feedback, perhaps you’ll be back when/if we come out with Tour de France stages the same way we did with Richmond UCI word championship course. 

Ride On!

(Andrew Jarrod) #3

Interesting. I tried Bkool premium a few weeks ago and the huge advantage it does have is size and choice. I was especially keen to ride routes at home that I’ve ridden outside and try the videos.

However the video rides were very hit an miss (mostly miss) with nig variations in quality.  A few “pro” ones I rode involved looking at the back side of the rider in front the vast majority of the ride.

Then for every ride (no matter what the type) Bkool works in segments (eg 100 yards) and instead of being smooth it’s constantly up and down. You can never settle into a rhythm and it’s not realistic.

Finally for the rides I’d done myself and wanted to ride at home I found that (on top of the above issue) the graphics were terrible compared to Zwift and none of the road features are mapped.  So all the things you recognise a route by (roundabouts, junctions) don’t exist.  Perhaps ths will improve in the future.

It was an interesting experiment, but not a patch on Zwift which is gorgeous and smooth.  All Zwift needs is the “choice” to ride whichever course we wish because that mountain is a beauty and the whole island has so much choice now.

(Andrew Jarrod) #4

Tom, you better give us the choice of where to ride before you add Alp d’Huez & Mt Ventoux to the rota  ;-)

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #5

Having been a BKool user for over a year prior to finding Zwift a fortnight ago I can only echo Andrew’s comments. In particular the smoothness of ride rather than constant small segments…and don’t get me started on the totally inaccessible website search function!

I’m just sorry that I paid last October for a year’s premium use on BKool…seven months of which I won’t use.


(Mark Hewitt) #6


Not sure if you’re entirely serious there, but assuming you are.

A lot of people didn’t like Richmond, everyone likes Watopia. If you’re going to be building more courses it would be much better if they were all integrated within the Watopia world somehow, rather than being seperate worlds. I would much rather ride the Watopia flat course, the watopia mountain, city and then Watopia Roubaix, then another mountain pass than I would having an entirely seperate track I have to switch between or worse still be forced to use by calendar.

(Gina Ames) #7

I agree with Mark that getting to choose which course, or which part of a course to ride is more fun than the calendar choosing.

In other online multiplayer games I have played a person can move from one zone to another with each zone having unique characteristics.  This would be one possible way to accomplish rider course choice.  Certainly not the only way. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Jarrod) #8

Well summed up Mark and spot on.

Unfortunately I can see that when it comes to special courses like Richmond UCI (lets assume RIO Olympic course for example) it will require another “world” to exist in and this wouldn’t easily connect to Watopia without causing Strava a heart attack.

But the key remains choice.  Expand Watopia wherever possible and where it’s not please give us a choice.

(Mark Hewitt) #9

Yup, Watopia already has somewhat different worlds within it, e.g. tropical island, underwater world, Alpine climb, desolate winter road in the high Andes, all reachable by just riding around.

Personally any additional road you can ride on is going to be a good thing, as long as you can connect it all together in a single ride.

(Sam Atkins) #10

I have to say I love the Richmond course, getting to ride it before the Worlds and then watch Sagan smash it, on a course I had already (virtually) ridden on was really great. 

Watopia is great and the mountains are the best expansion yet, but I am equally excited about other real world courses such as something from the Tour de France. 

Ride on! 

(Al Yellup) #11

I think both systems are great, each have their strengths and weaknesses and I’d be happy with either, but the realism tips it to bkool for me. As swift gets more routes I’ll have another look I guess. At the end of the day the consumer is the winner as hopefully both systems keep improving to win our subscriptions. Anyone remember sufferfest?

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #12

My opinion is that racing is what this is all about. Massed start races with real tactics and teams. I want a pace car and support caravan! The biggest draw of Zwift is the graphics, but the reality is that I think most “serious” riders want to race and when you are racing, graphics don’t matter. What matters is the physics, stability and the general event management features such as calendars, sign up, etc…

Bkool graphic hit the sweet spot, I think. Just enough bling, not too much. 

The #1 thing I want in Zwift is multi monitor support (an race overview map!!!)

(Matt Canna) #13

Heres my take on all trainer apps


I am on pretty much all of them




and Zwift


Each serves a purpose in terms of training, fun and/or experience.

I really feel developers pain and struggle to create the perfect trainer app product.  Because the wish list can be insane.  Zwift has many good things going for it, in the same way others have great things going for it.

Zwift is open platform type environment, this is its biggest advantage and disadvantage of the program.  The user is given great free reign in the zwift environment.  Zwift has to limit courses because it is the basis of its program, to be on the trainer alongside others who are on the trainer.


I think the major problem is gaining the critical mass zwift needs to put out more courses.  Also course selection for zwift is constrained to crit style courses where you start and finish at the same location.

Stage racing would be difficult to build on zwift architecture.