Tree in the road on Alpe

(Juergen Neubauer) #1


There is a tree in the middle of the right side of the road on the Alpe course. I rode right through it.


(David K) #2

Hi Juergen,

Thanks for contacting us. Would you mind making sure you’re running the newest graphics driver version for your Nvidia Quadro K1000M chipset? I believe I found the correct driver version for Windows 7 64-bit for you at the link provided below:

After applying the update, even if the driver install doesn’t ask you to reboot your Windows 7 PC, please do. Let me know if you’re still seeing the same graphics issues after the driver update, please.

(Dan Dube) #3

i’m on a mac and experienced the same thing last night.

(Mike Day) #4

I’m on Apple TV and it’s there with that also.

(Tomas S) #5

I also eate some leafes this week up the alpe!

(Juergen Neubauer) #6

Thanks for the tips. I applied the driver update.

Once I’ll get over my cold I’ll be prepared to possibly take a photo if it is still there.

Thanks, Juergen

(Stuart Middlecoate) #7

It’s there for me too.  Drivers up to date.  Occurred since last update.  Not a massive issue but a bit odd.

(David K) #8

If you’re using Apple products, please make sure you’ve recently updated OSX and once that’s finished, check iTunes to see if there are any availiable updates for Zwift.

(David K) #9

Hey, would anybody mind taking a set of screenshots of the tree and the leaves falling and attaching them here for our Tier 3 team to see?

(Stuart Middlecoate) #10

I’m using a dedicated PC. Not an Apple product in site.

Going up Alpe Du Zwift was not on my agenda for my next ride but in the interests of helping you out I’ll put myself through the torture of it later.
In exchange any chance you can offer me something other than the helmet or gloves when I reach the top? Lol

(David K) #11

No worries, Stuart. I just found out our developers are aware and are on top of the issue right now. I thought I was one of the first to happen across this concern, but we’ve been collecting screenshots for the last few hours already. I don’t believe sending in additional screenshots is necessary any longer, but thanks for the offer!

(Juergen Neubauer) #12

I only ride Alpe these days. Need thin air all the time.

Riding through the tree certainly got me out of my high altitude air deprivation. Not a big deal anyhow.

(Nicolas Christin) #13

I too have been going through the tree. It wasn’t there before, but since the last update it’s right there in the middle of the road. Windows 10 with a GTX 1060 and the latest drivers.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #14

Unless I’m mistaken it’s now gone.

Another helmet for the collection at the top. 8 attempts & not a sniff of the wheelset.

(David K) #15

I can’t officially confirm it yet, but I have heard word we were able to fix the problem. If any of you are still noticing the tree in the middle of the road near checkpoint 17, please check iTunes or our website to see if an update is available.