Treadmill Tecnofit 5.40 not found by Zwift

Hello my Tecnofit 5.40k treadmill is not found by Zwift which does not happen with other similar APPs. What could be the problem ?


I’m having the same problem with a Technogym Myrun treadmill when attempting to pair to zwift running on a PC Win 11. I have no difficulty pairng the treadmill directly to zwift on an iPad or indirectly through the Technogym LIVE App.

I have submitted a support ticket with Technogym and waiting to hear back. I suspect it is a compatibility problem with win11.

Hi @Nardino_Martin

Looks like this is your first time posting on the Zwift Forums, so welcome!

I’m Steven with Zwift’s tech support team, and sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble pairing your
TECNOFIT Treadmill TFX 5.40K to Zwift. I understand how that might be confusing or frustrating, but I’ll do my best to share what I know.

I checked our related support article, but it doesn’t appear that the TECNOFIT Treadmill TFX 5.40K is listed as being compatible with Zwift. This generally means it’s either unsupported or Zwift’s developers haven’t tested the treadmill yet in order to verify compatibility.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but one silver lining is that any treadmill can be used with Zwift if you use a footpod to track your speed and cadence. You can find more info about supported footpods in this article.

Hope that helps!

Resolved! for android just go to settings - app - search for zwift then permissions - location and enable always allow.


See forum topic " Can’t Connection via Android"

Thanks all