Treadmill Control for incline

(Andrew Burchett (CincyTRI)) #1

Any details for retrofitting a bluetooth enabled treadmill for controlling incline with the incline on the program? Have a Proform pro 5000 treadmill.


(Michael Carter) #2

i second this, it should be a easy fix, you use it on the wahoo kickr climb!

also i think from a price point, you will out beat ifit and pretty much be the vrt kings for control c-safe Bluetooth…  

(Ian Porter (MRC)) #3

Would love to see this on Sole treadmill too
Incline can be controlled via their app so no reason why it can’t be controlled by Zwift if the protocols are accessible

(Tom DeAngelo) #4

Another vote for an integration with Sole. Would love to have my F80 and Zwift be able to talk. 

(Bill Strub) #5

I too would like to use my F80 and Zwift

(Peter Denny) #6

Another +1 

I really don’t see any safety issues in controlling incline. It could also be scaled in the same way the resistance is on smart trainers via the ‘trainer difficulty’ slider.

I’m considering a MyRun treadmill but without this feature it seems just too expensive as there is no real integration with Zwift other than it being a giant foot pod. I already have a Stryd footpod so don’t really need anything other than incline control to justify the high price of this mill  

Please Zwift, add this feature ASAP