Treadmill Bowflex BXT226

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

for two days I looked for a seller in Sweden that have a treadmill supported by Zwift and found two.
Today I should order Me a new one but got a feeling that I should check the model number once more, But this time…BXT226 treadmills (currently investigating).
As you can guess I didn’t order and wounder  what the issue is and how long it take to sort this out for you if supported or not.

Regards / Mikael

(Vincent W.) #2

So I’ve taken out the strikethrough for the BXT226 because it does work, there’s just a common mistake made that causes your Zwift avatar to be idle. 

Basically you have to switch the treadmill to idle mode, launch Zwift, start a run, and _then _press the start button on the treadmill. Everything should be fine after that. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you with your search! 

(Mikael Jonsson) #3

THX for realy quick amswer, and a good one :slight_smile:

Then I shoot another one, does the supported treadmills send data for cadence or do I have to use a foot pod for that data?

(Robin Lawson) #4

Hi when you say switch the treadmill to idle what exactly do you mean? 

Do you just mean power it on but don’t start the belt moving ? It would be great to sort this out 

(Robin Lawson) #5

Tried that but still doesn’t work for me.

(Mikael Jonsson) #6

Now I realy getting second thoughts about Bowflex treadmill :frowning:

Followup answer from Zwift needed :-o


(Mikael Jonsson) #7

Robin Lawson, what brad and model of treadmill do yiou have?


(Robin Lawson) #8


(Mikael Jonsson) #9

Darn, Zwift says it works so it should do, then you having problem don’t make my chooise easier…

Blutooth can only have one connection, is it possible that you have a connection between yor phone and treadmill that looks the bluetooth from connect to your Zwift station?

Try to make sure that all other blutooth is of and then give it a try, please tell me how it goes, I’m putting my order on hold for a day or two…