Transparency in development decision process?

Hey all, I’m new around here so sorry if this has been addressed 1000 times or if it’s a silly question.

I recently found out that inputting 0 watts causes zwift to lightly apply the brakes (unless going 36mph+ downhill) to help keep the bunch together. To me, it’s crazy they don’t at least have a hotkey to disable this feature for those of us who don’t want it or to toggle it for races.

Anyways this rant leads to my question, do they have a podcast or blog to explain design decisions, talk about upcoming features/changes, ect?

No. It’s one of many things people have been asking for for years. They just continue to chuck out inexplicable new features and changes whilst ignoring virtually all of the fixes and improvements the community actually wants. If you fancy a laugh, have a look through the feature requests board.


People have been riding into walls for years now…

Here is a recent occurrence:

(Zwift, the sound of silence…)

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