Training without a fan

Just wondering how much of an effect training without a fan in a warm room is having on my workouts and fitness. When doing sustained tempo/threshold/VO2 efforts my heart rate creeps up to or above the zone limits but can’t be sure if it’s my lack of fitness or the fact that I’m training in heat? Is recovery hindered during intervals working out in these conditions? Will this type of training have a positive or negative effect on my performance?

Bad idea.

Simple explain: when you ride outside, the wind is not only cooling you down, it’s also drying you.

When you ride indoors, there’s no wind, therefor you’re really killing yourself and not doing optimal training as the body is mostly fighting what to do with the sweat that you generate and it’s overheating (cooking) you.

Mostly it has negative effects. Replicate the conditions of riding outside. That means also the wind, to keep yourself dry.
Even if you will compete in temperatures of 40C+, there will still be wind to dry you (i didn’t say cool you down).

And because of constant sweat on your body, specially your chest area, you are exposing yourself to possible lung infection. Change you clothes, a lot.

It isn’t ideal and can make you feel like you are working harder than you really are so improvements will be hindered also.

you’d also need to make sure you replace all the salt and stuff you sweat out.

But get a fan! you won’t regret it!

When worlds were in Dubai, Tony Martin’s prep. included riding the turbo in a small bathroom with a space heater to get used to riding in the heat. I think you should try this and let us know how it goes.


Due to doing house renovations i’ve had to make do with not using the fan… coupled with having a month off doing the renovations I wasn’t sure if it was the fitness or the heat that was causing what feels like the extra effort required. I’ve heard that people do train in the heat and with no fan to bring on more stress but not sure of the benefits/hinderance that this can cause. I will be going back to using a fan soon so hopefully will see a difference in effort. But, on the flip side am I getting more bang for my buck training without it?

his trainer just wanted to know if Tony’s face expression have limits

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I think the idea is to reduce as much stress on the heart but maximise stress on the legs.

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Thanks… some decent advice there… Hopefully I’ll have the fan back in service next week.

Where I live in the summer it is hot and muggy. On some of the longer organized rides you can end up on the road at two in the afternoon, and when that happens there is no amount of wind, short of a thunderstorm, that is going to help you.

Now that it is fall/winter, I frequently ride in a small outbuilding with a kerosene heater (outside vented) turned up full blast. I do have a fan, but very seldom use it as it freezes me in the beginning and I’m not willing to stop mid-workout to turn it on. It perfectly replicates summertime misery, and keeps me motivated for next year. You just have to make sure you have plenty of towels and that your bike and floor is protected from the drips.

Really if you are or not using a fan it boils down to personal preference, unless you are specifically training for a hot climate.

Get yourself a fan with remote control !


Plug it into the Clapper