Training with no internet connection

i installed the drivers needed so my pc can pick up the ant stick and it worked
. i emailed zwift just to double check something , i wanted to be sure that seeing no riders just means lost internet connection which they clarified. But then they said my drivers were out of date
they said:
“I also noticed your GPU drivers seem to be outdated and when this happens, your PC may not render the game correctly so let’s first correct this issue by updating your driver”

im assuming this is only to do with the graphics? they are a little slow at responding .

im wondering
does this impact the power / cadence readings from my power meter ?
I have garmin v2s which connect via ant stick,
I pair through the zwift software and calibrate from my garmin watch before every ride

Yes, that’s just to do with the graphics and not power readings, but having up-to-date graphics drivers can help your system’s stability too.

i thought so.
interesting as they have responded again and tell me it does impact the readings . which is confusing because the garmin watch gives me the same numbers as zwift
hr seems to be where should be