Training 'race scenarios/simulation'

Would absolutely love it if instead of simply aiming for a target power/cadence in blocks, it was possible to have a training plan where the workouts had you inside a simulated race against bots.
For example: zone 2 blocks could have you simply riding in the peloton; short, sharp high intensity intervals could have you performing attacks to try and form a breakaway; longer threshold efforts could have you trying to chase down a breakaway, or trying to make it solo while the peloton chases you down etc. The possibilities would be endless! Even cadence work could be simulated by adjusting the gradient during ‘the race’. Perhaps even the workout instructions, i.e. power, cadence etc could come via the ‘team radio’. I mean heck, while we’re at it, why not have training plans take the form of stage races and grand tours?!
I know this would be an immense amount of work for the developers, but one can only dream!