Training program tells me to go back to previous week [March 2022] [v 1.23.0] [SOLVED]

I’m in the middle of week 4 of 6week version of Crit Crusher. Before update, there were no issues but today when I planned to do a workout It tells me that I’m in the middle of week 5 but the rest of the week is blocked because I didn’t do week 2 for some reason. So now I have to start week 2 from scratch in the middle of the week so I can go back to training from week 5 the next week.

Did you change something on how the Crit Crusher or other programs work in different time spans?

I’ve got the same with Build Me Up Plan (10 weeks version). I’m in the middle of week 9 but after update it looks like my program switched to 12 weeks version (although I’m not seeing weeks 11 and 12) and I’ve got week 8 unmarked (in 10 weeks version week 8 is skipped).

A number of things were updated with training plans, looks like this ruined everyone’s current plan, quite a few reports on the forums since the update went live yesterday.

Hopefully they sort this out, it doesn’t seem like an isolated incident. Anyone in the middle of a plan should think twice about taking this update until it’s fixed (I disabled my auto-update setting on my iPad after seeing these reports). It’s probably too late to put out a “don’t update” PSA for it. But if you still haven’t updated are in the middle of a plan and somehow haven’t taken the update it seems holding off on the update might be wise.

not possible on PC’s and Mac’s, the update is forced or you can’t log in.

Hopefully they fix this issue quickly then :frowning:

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Salut, j’étais à la fin de la 6eme semaine sur le plan Singletrack Slayer. Les changements de semaines m oblige à faire 12 séances en deux jours. cela me semble compliqué mais je vais essayer de relever le défi… :rofl:

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Could this have broken my training that was in progress? I was on week 11 of Build me Up and now when I log into Zwift, it shows the training plan as 10 weeks, and the workouts I was doing as part of week 11 are not even there anymore!?

Mine is broken too - am towards end of Week 3 of FTP Builder (doing it over 4 weeks) and now it reckons I’ve completed weeks 1 and 4 and not done weeks 2 or 3 :confused:

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I’m sorry to hear you are having the issue too Charlene, very frustrating. One of the other forum posters mentioned a temporary workaround: if you go into the workouts section by clicking “Back” when the workout screen comes up you can click “workouts” and scroll down to the FTP Builder program and choose the week and workout to do it as a separate activity. Probably won’t count towards the workout program if/when it is fixed, but at least you can maintain the structure to your training program like that.

Ride on!

@shooj looks like a bunch of reports on a few threads indicating the changes have messed up people who are currently in the middle of a plan.

See this thread as well: Training program (Crit Crusher) tells me to go back to previous week - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums

Is the team aware of an issue related to this change?

Hey all - thanks for flagging this up. We’re aware and working on a fix ASAP.

I merged a couple different conversations into this thread. We’ll update as we make progress towards a fix.

UPDATE: Those who were on a training plan that can be shortened from its original time duration - please see this post.

Thank you @shooj for your fast action and for acknowledging the issue.

Hey all

Game version 1.23.1 patches this bug. Please update at your earliest opportunity.