training plans

 Hi all, currently doing 12 week advance winter base plan with 5weeks left and doing the first time trial in mid April and wondering what’s the best plan to follow once base training is done. FTP plan? Thanks in advance Mick. 


maybe you want to consider signing up for a account. that’s free. and you get 2 weeks of free access to their premium account. afterwards, if you don’t want to subscribe, you are reverted to a free account with limited functionality. the benefit is that you can use those 2 weeks to let trainingpeaks create an annual training plan for you based on various parameters you set yourself, like events you want to participate in, available time, fitness level, etc. there is also a wealth of excellent articles and guides on all sorts of topics training related.

try this to get an idea:

personally, i also started out doing some of the multi-week plans on zwift but at some point i was lacking the bigger picture and i wanted my individual workouts to fit into some larger concept. that annual training plan gives me a nice longterm structure and guideline and i can still vary things as i go along.