Training Plans: Switching it Up?

I’ve been cycling a long time but am pretty new to Zwift. I’m looking to at starting a training plan (never done that before either) in order to meet some big endurance mtb goals I have for later summer. I’m looking at “Active Offseason” because of the higher volume. However, it seems that if I successfully complete this plan I will have little space for doing group rides and/or the occasional race. Is this correct? (I’m not just talking about my calendar, though there are limits there, too. I’m referring more to the ability to add in/swap out other events and activities).

I’d much rather do a three hour group ride than simply go solo with the training plan while staring at the instructions at the screen. So–is there anyway to switch this up? Can I just do an appropriately paced group ride and then click “completed outside”? Or do a race if I feel like it instead of an interval ride? (Not sure what happens if I miss a workout) Or would I be better of switching plans to something with lighter volume (build me up? Gran Fondo?) and then just adding in longer rides where I desire? Or maybe working my way through the workouts listed in the under Winter Training?

Probably no one perfect answer, but input is appreciated.

Hi Joel - The plans give you the ability to click the workouts as “I did it”. The function is there so you can do that specific plan outdoors, or even as you suggest, go and do a group ride or similar.

An alternative is that you could develop our own plan using workouts based on existing plans (found here).

Personally, I like being able to hit the events so wouldnt bother with a plan but I do go and search out individual workouts to help fulfil my overall fitness objectives.

Thanks. I don’t have enough knowledge (or energy) to create my own plan. If I use an existing plan, what happens if I miss a day (or two) in a week?