training plans feedback

(Dan Dube) #1

first off, i really like the new training plans and have done 2 sessions. (i just completed the 4-week FTP builder, so i am comparing the two as i use them)

some feedback: 

i noticed that the text in the messages often has the wrong “timing context”, and though it doesn’t affect the workout, it’s very noticeable. for example:

  • it refers to “last week” when i’m in week 1.
  • it says “halfway there” at the end of rep 3 in a 5 rep set.
  • it says “1 minute remaining” when i actually am riding through the finishing gate.

not a big deal, but thought i’d share.

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Dan,

Fairly certain I know the workout you are referring to and it’s already fixed for the next patch. But, just to confirm, can you let me know the plan/workout you’re referring to?



Zwift Game Design

(Dan Dube) #3

i’m doing “build me up” training plan, and i saw these messages in both the “halvfems” and “novanta” sessions.

(David K) #4

We should have an update releasing within the next week that will repair a lot of what you’ve mentioned. If you still notice inconsistencies afterward, please keep in touch.

(Dan Dube) #5

great news! thanks for the quick response!

(Selino Valdes) #6

I’m 3 weeks into a training plan and… it kind of does not work. I had to quit the plan in order to do the workout that it told me I had 3 days to finish.

  1. If you don’t finish a workout by the exact second based on the exact moment that you finished the last one then the next workout in the plan is “unavailable”. If you literally miss a second on the countdown then no workout for you! It just skips to the next workout and  you CANNOT do the workout you planned on for days.

  2. The mobile app displays the wrong workouts. According to my companion app I’m doing foundation miles tomorrow but when I log in it’s a much harder threshold day. I would have rested a day had I known that. Now I’m doing a hard session with empty legs. This also means that in order to check on what session I’ll do today I have to start Zwift, skip pairing, and then look at my workout plan on my laptop even though I have no intention of doing it at that moment. It’s just the only way that I can see an accurate list of what workout I have next and when I have to do it. I literally log into Zwift on my laptop every morning for no reason other than to look at this screen and then I quit the app.

  3. Time is crucial but there’s no alerts. So you miss your workout and find out when you log in to start your workout. There’s no “you’re about to lose access to that threshold workout you rested for”.

  4. “All plans start on a Monday. You can sign up any day of the week.” Try signing up for a plan on a Thursday. It gave me two workouts due by Sunday. Does that mean Sunday morning or Sunday night before 12am Monday? Who knows but wait… didn’t you just tell me that it starts on Monday?

  5. Let’s say that you have to cancel the plan and restart. There’s no way to start a new plan, mark rides as done, and get to the week/day that you left off. You have to start an entirely new plan from the beginning. This pretty much means that I’ll just drop it and ride my plans manually and mark this feature as “failed” because I’m 3 weeks into a plan.

(David K) #7

Hey Selino.

We just released a new version of Zwift for Mac that should correct a lot of these issues. Please check our site or iTunes for updates. We won’t have the new version of Zwift Companion out for a bit, so it may continue to display inaccurately in the meantime.

(Selino Valdes) #8

Thanks for the response Davin! Should I be able to get that version through the regular updates or do I have to reinstall from the download?

(David K) #9

I’m sorry about the typo included in your name earlier, Selino. I didn’t catch it until the post was already submitted. If you download Zwift directly from our website, you should be able to install it without necessarily uninstalling the old version. If you go through iTunes, instead of having to install, the page should show an update button you can click to take care of everything.

Please let me know if after updating, you’re still noticing issues with training plans under Zwift itself. We’re still waiting for iOS updates and Zwift Companion updates to go out, so it wouldn’t surprise me if either were still inaccurate. It shouldn’t be long before updates are released for those platforms as well, though.

(Selino Valdes) #10

Thanks for the spelling correction, David. I have used the link to download a new executable and installed it. I see no change to any of the issues that I reported. Are there release notes for this release? How do I check what version of the app I’m running? I checked the loader and it says version 1.0 (11) but I assume that’s just the loader version and not the Zwift app version number. Am I wrong about that?

(David K) #11

You’re not wrong about that at all. There’s a launcher version and a separate game client version. The newest update should have released as Zwift version 1.0.27304.  So long as you’ve installed a freshly downloaded copy, I’m sure you’re up-to-date now, but you can also confirm with the version number in the lower right-hand corner of Zwift’s Title Screen just after the Launcher disappears.

We keep most of our release notes in the Game section of our What’s New community forums. Release notes specific to iOS releases are hosted through iTunes.

I think I should convert the post into an email support ticket for you at this point to pass along your original concerns to our developer since they’re still persistent after the update. Please check your inbox when you have a chance.