Training plans cause deconditioning?


I am a novice cyclist, but exercise frequently and vigorously. I recently attempted to complete the “FTP builder“ plan. I found the first few weeks extremely easy. Actually, easier than I would prefer for a work out. However, I trusted in the training layout, and followed the program. By the time I reached the last week, I found the workouts had become suddenly quite difficult; to the point I couldn’t complete all the intervals. When I finished the plan, I FTP tested and found that my FTP, which had been consistent through several FTP tests, had dropped nearly 20 points.

I like rigorous workouts because how great I feel, and have started the “single track slayer“. The first couple weeks workouts are again feeling very easy, and I’m concerned the Zwift training plans cause deconditioning in the early stages. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Should I just trust that I will be “recovering“ during these easier workouts so that I can be better recovered to handle the harder ones when they come? Should I just try to work out as hard as I can and skip the easy workouts? I put trust in swift training plans to help improve my fitness, and I’m concerned about the last experience I had on the FTP builder. Your comments and suggestions would be welcomed!

I think that training plan is a beginner plan. Maybe try out the Build Me Up plan for some more challenging and longer workouts.

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The plans are one size fits all. Short of getting a coach or buying a plan from another platform, sadly you get what you pay for.

I found the FTP builder too easy and lasted a week before I switched to the build me up plan. Now if anything I’ve stepped up too much but I’ll skip a session if my legs haven’t recovered. It’s good to know other people are having similar issues on Zwift too. You could try Trainer Road and pay for a more bespoke training program, I have heard good things about it.

I did the FTP Builder, followed by the build me up, and both worked for me, however obviously results can vary from person to person. My FTP increased approximately by 60 watts