Training Plans and timing

(Campbell Nunn) #1

I’ve used Zwift now for around 2 years and it’s been excellent, however I’m unhappy with the setup of the training plans…

The frustration is that I joined the “Gran Fondo” plan and completed all of the first week except the final “long ride” - I’m locked out as I missed it by a few hours or so. 

So now my options are to skip this “unavailable” session and then start the second week - ramping up to the over 2 hour long ride to complete next week’s program without the main ride of the first week being completed?

Or just quit doing the program all together?

Doesn’t make sense? Please help?

(Steven D) #2

Hi there,

I’m happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed Zwift these last few years, and I’m sorry for your troubles with the Training Plans.

According to our Training Plans documentation, the workout window allots you a specific range of time to complete each scheduled workout. The flexibility for the duration of each workout’s availability is determined at the beginning of the Training Plan enrollment process, where you slide and adjust your schedule to accommodate and keep you on target.

If you’re unsatisfied with the length of the workout windows provided, which were designed to give one a satisfactory length of time to complete each workout throughout the Training Plans, we certainly appreciate your feedback. 

The good news is that we do have a Feature Request Forum and I’d highly encourage you to visit these forums to search for similar types of suggestions that you and others may share to help our dev team improve Zwift. If you like, you can even add a request of your own.  

(Paul Twardowski) #3

Steven - I know that’s how the plans are designed but there’s a lot of posts on various forums now about that structure being infuriating to users. (a) the minimum wait period for the next workout should be set at 22 hours and not 24 hours.  Those two hours make little difference to recovery, but its really annoying to be ready for your daily workout 10 min earlier than the prior day but to still have to wait for the timer to finish its count down before you can begin. (b) most 3rd party training plans allow you to bump the plan back if delays happen (as life always happens).  I’m going on vacation for a week and won’t be able to zwift.  Are you now saying (like the user who started this chain) that I can’t continue the program and have to start again???  Crazy.  I love Zwift and was excited for the training programs but this will make me never do one again and start looking at the other 3rd party services that exist.

(Steven D) #4

Hi Paul,

I appreciate your feedback. Bear in mind that the Training Plans are basically brand new to Zwift and there may be room for improvement. You can expect future game updates to include upgrades to the Training Plans aimed at improving the overall experience with this new feature to the game. Feedback like yours can be helpful in focusing those improvements. 

You have some terrific ideas and I’d encourage you to share them on ourFeature Requests forum. That’s the best way to offer suggestions that can help our team develop and improve Zwift for everyone. 

(Paul Twardowski) #5

Thanks for the reply Steven.  Don’t mean to be too negative.  I did comment on the Feature Requests section

(Andrew Short) #6


I too am finding these new flexible training plans incredibly frustrating.

I just signed up for another - the TT Tune UP plan. It’s Saturday morning here in Australia. The first three workouts say “finish by Sunday Night”. Does that mean I complete three workouts in the next 36-40hours? Or, does it mean I choose two to do: one today (Saturday) and one tomorrow (Sunday)?? Which one do I leave out???

The original plans, under the “Workout” tab were brilliant. I’ve been using them all year. I’ve gone back to them due to the frustration of the new flexible plans (If I miss a day, I can still do it and get back on track). However, the days (within each week) are, now, always out of order!!! E.g. 12 Week Winter Plan (advanced), Week 3: (1) Active Recovery, (2) Cadence into Over Under, (3) Day 4 - Rest??? (4) Day 7 - Rest??? (5) Endurance, (6) Endurance with max sprints (7) High Cadence to standing.

When looking at the same plan on Zwift workouts, the workouts for each day are completely different! 

Here’s, what I would love:

  1. Put the new flexible training plans into the workout tab.

  2. Make the set plans consistent with the Zwift Workouts page (that way I can view the plan without having to log in to the game). 

  3. Let me select a plan (e.g. TT Tune Up) and complete it when I choose/can (I always complete every workout across a plan, i.e. 10-12 week FTP, doing everything possible to complete each day within a weekly schedule).

  4. The result would be a brilliant “flexible” training plan!


(Nick Kleiss Team AHDR) #7

Hi Steven,

I’m also finding the “flexible” workouts are anything but flexible.

I’ve signed up for the Ride London which has 5 workouts, I got time to do 4 of them, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Day 1 of each week is a 45min free ride, which it says you can miss, so I try to. This means that I can access a structured workout from (midnight, I assume) Sunday until 6am  or 7am Tuesday, so at 5am on Monday when I want to do I ride I can’t access a structured workout.

It’s very frustrating

(arnold goldberg) #8

I’m in a similar boat. I started the first workout of a plan at 5:35 in he morning but that was for an hour long workout. The timing was good so I can get to work. I didn’t realize for the rest of the entire plan the rest of the workouts unlock at that time as well. It’s made for some crazy moments on the longer workouts. Also if one is traveling into different time zones it gets crazy as well.

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #9

Yes ,an annoyance. I signed up for the TT plan. 5:30am on Tues for workout 1. 4:30am Thurs for workout 2. Zwift tells me I have until Friday to coomplete workout 3. I logged on at 7:40pm Friday and nope, already greyed out. I assume the next available, workout 4 which it says must be done by Sunday will expire at 5:30am Sunday. Just not workable. Back to the drawing board.


(Jim Mattson) #10



The 5:44 “start of day” is beginning to get annoying. Do you have an idea of when this might get fixed?


(Steven D) #11

Hi everyone,

Again, I appreciate the feedback. I’ve gone ahead and listed this thread on our internal user request grid, so the various forms of feedback you’ve all laid out will be something our dev team can take a look at. Sorry for the troubles.