Training plan mileage issues

Due to start a,new half marathon plan, is anyone else havibg this issue with the breakdown on splits on plan?
It says warm up13:20 which ive worked out is .5 mile, then a mile is showibg at 26:40
I cant upload a screenshot to show

I’m struggling to understand what you mean. Can you give more detail?

When i go to my traibing plan on companion and look at the breakdown gor the next session it will say 13:20 warm up, 26:40 @ 10.50, 26:40 @ 10.40 etc. Ive workedit out that 13 20 is half a mile. It never used to do that.

It used to say 05 warm up
1 mile @

Before commencing the plan did you do a run to set your pace? It will base your training plan around your previous best estimated efforts. Have the other days been correct?

Have you skipped a session?

My paces are in zwift. The 26:40 is wjat is states for a mile not the pace. Its very strange

It looks like this is a tempo run so it’s time based not mileage based. I would think it’s unique to this workout.

Its not sadly. The run is only for 3.25 miles. If i run 26 mins at 10 35 pace thats over 2.5 miles, then ths sane at 10.25 pace thats 5 miles coveted. If i go on zwift it shows it as it should be as a mile but sometimes i dont want to run with zwift (use the companion to know what i need to do and go on mill but watch tv at the sane time). Ill run on mill and see if it changes back to normal