Training peaks

(Megan March) #1

I have read the instructions about how to upload a workout to from training peaks, and I am still having a hard time.  Can anyone explain it a little differently? Thank you!

(Paul Ecobichon) #2

Hi Megan. Log into (not the game app) and go to Settings/Connections. Click Training Peaks to connect your account and follow the instructions. If it is already connected click un-connect and then reauthorise the account. This sometimes clears a bug. When you do a ride in Zwift it should now automatically upload the file to Training Peaks when you save it on exit. If you create a custom workout in Training Peaks it should show in the ride list on the Zwift screen when you log in. Just scroll down to Training Peaks, click the arrow and select the ride you want. It will only appear in Zwift on the same day its scheduled in the Training Peaks calendar. I use Apple devices so I’m not sure if the same applies to Android/windows but I expect it is the same. Good luck. Paul

(Matthew Higgs - MRE) #3

While using my MacBook, I am able to have a workout in Training Peaks transfer to Zwift.  Unfortunately, I am still unable to get my MacBook to connect to my trainer (Kickr Snap).  The transferred work out from Training Peaks does not show up on my iPhone or iPad app. Any suggestions? 

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #4

I use apple tv 4k. Have not had an issue until today. My training ride which is on my calendar for ATV is not appearing as an option. I have disconnected and reconnected my account but its not working