Training Peaks Workouts 3/10 This Morning

(Brandon) #1

My Training Peaks folder has disappeared this morning. I did some searching on the web, and found that Zwift had the same problem a year ago on daylight savings. Anybody have this problem?

I connected and disconnected TP from Zwift a few times. Restarted the device. No luck.

(T) #2

I had the same problem today.
Posted about it in another thread for the same issue.
I had to manually download the .zwo file from TrainingPeaks and copy it into the Zwift Workouts folder on my computer.

(Jason) #3

Likewise here. Hope it resolves soon

(Jason) #4

Mine is loading up today. Hope everyone else gets the same result?

(Brandon) #5

Mines loading today. They should fix this so next year it won’t happen again!

(T) #6

great to hear. i’ll check myself later today. thanks!

(Yaron Raps.WBR) #7

Same here - daylight saving, this is exact when it started.