Training Peaks Workout Sync Without Computer

I use my MacBook and the zwift app currently to create my workouts, but then use the zwift app on my iPhone to actually do the workout.
My computer graphics card will not be supported by Zwift as of March 2022. Getting a new laptop isn’t an option, and I don’t have a tablet.
I’ve been trying to get Training Peaks workouts to sync to Zwift without using the computer app, as this won’t be an option for me very soon.
How can I sync my custom workouts from Training Peaks to Zwift without a computer/tablet?

Hi @Jennifer_Schmidt_393

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As I understand it, a computer is not required in order to get your TrainingPeaks workouts to sync from the TP calendar to Zwift. You can find more information in this article.

Thank you! I didn’t realize they would only show up on the day of.

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You’re welcome @Jennifer_Schmidt_393 , and I’m glad I could help!

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