Training Peaks not syncing [March 2023]

My TP just randomly stopped uploading to Zwift today. Any suggestions? I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting multiple times.

What’s TP? TrainingPeaks? Today’s Plan?

I’m using TrainingPeaks without any issues with uploads lately. I don’t use Today’s Plan so I don’t know the status.

Training Peaks. I can’t figure out what changed today!

Maybe this? Training Peaks Custom Workouts Not Syncing [March 2022] - #70 by Damian_Blanco

I am having this problem today too and so is one of my coaching clients. TP/ZWIFT are connected (and I disconnected/reconnected several times) and workouts are written correctly. Both systems are using iOS to run zwift. I don’t see the trainingpeaks custom dropdown in zwift despite having a workout in the Trainingpeaks log for today.

Hey all - we had a spike of reports over the weekend, and we’re investigating.

TrainingPeaks is performing maintenance. It appears to be running longer than anticipated.

I still can’t see the training peaks custom workouts. Any update? I tried reconnect the account but still doesn’t work.

I’m also having this problem where my Trainingpeaks workout for today does now show in Zwift. I’ve disconnected and reconnected to TP’s 3 times now and still no workout.