Training peaks not showing up in workout selection

The run is unnamed and the ride is named …

@STEKAM_Sky that’s because you have them set up in the future. TP workouts will sync if it’s on the current date. So in your screen shot on Sunday 16 February you will have the “Phoenix” cycling workout available to you.

That was to answer our friend that asked !

workout planned for the day are not shown ! :frowning:

how is that sync ? is that immediat ? if i plan something now, should i wait a while to see it on Zwift ?

Does it also work for run workout ?

Run workouts have to be time and HR based currently to import into Zwift if I remember correctly. So you can’t have a workout based on power or distance for running at this time.

And if your Zwift account is linked to TP it should sync when you load up. If it’s not, you can disconnect the link and set it up again.

  • will check that
  • did that but will do it again :slight_smile:

Hi, I am having issues with my TrainingPeaks workouts not appearing.
I have disconnected and reconnected several times with no success.
My sessions are uploading from Zwift to TP without issue, just no workouts loading.

Hi @Loretta_Burke

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The TP workouts will only sync on the day that it is due to be done, it wont sync future events.

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Yes I did read that, this was for yesterday, I was attempting to do my TP session on the day and it would not load. TrainingPeaks workouts menu item wont even appear.
The only thing I can think is maybe time zone differences?

Was it a running or cycling workout? Did the workout have a name in TP?

It was a ride and yes it had a name.
On the days you don’t have TP workouts you should still see TP as a menu item though right? I’ve got nothing at all. I’m getting really quite frustrated now.

Has anyone found a way of resolving this issue? My training plan has a name, it is in the past, although there are also some in the future, but there is still no Training Peaks heading in the list of workouts. Any suggestions?

I encountered this same issue for the first time today (Sun 8 Mar 2020). My TP workouts have always shown up in Zwift perfectly, the last being on Thursday 3/5, then today - nothing. Yes, I had a workout in TP for today and yes it was power based (HR based TP workouts will not show up in Zwift in my experience) and yes, it had a name in TP.

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I have the exact same issue, starting today after 3 months of it working perfectly.

Looking at Zwift forums… it looks like this happened last year on daylights saving time too.

Hopefully it will get fixed in the next few hours.

For now, i went to the workout in training peaks, clicked the download icon (under the analyze button), and placed it in my Zwift workouts folder.

Shouldn’t have to do this… but it will at least allow you to do your workout.


Good catch re: DST! I suspect it will be a workday b4 it gets addressed, and even then might take a support contact with Zwift and/or TP. The hiccup could be with either company. My next structured workout isn’t until Wed, so hopefully it’ll be addressed by then.

Hi Eric_Oshlo, did your problem with TP and Zwift get resolved, I have the same problem at this moment

Arnoud - yes, it did resolve itself within a day. I DID de-authorize and re-authorize the TP sync connection during the process, that didn’t appear to immediately resolve the issue; however, it may have been a factor.