Training: Gimme a wheel to follow (Coach "Avatar")

Can we please get a “Coach Avatar” to chase their wheel at the needed w/kg instead of your attempt to create a graph like Trainer Road in the training plans? Lean in to your strengths…don’t try to be like them.

I’m an ADHD guy on a dumb trainer. I keep getting distracted by other avatars, monkeys in trees and flying taxi cabs (which are awesome) and continue to fail the training expectations.

Thank you PLEASE!

Search this forum for AI, Bot, PB bot, ghost, pacer, etc. There are loads of requests for basically the same thing. I see utility in this and can see using it but it doesn’t appear that Zwift does so it doesn’t matter sadly.

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Something like a rabid dog to chase you at your goal pace? I like it.

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What if there was a mode to be chased by the creatures around Watopia? It could be the newest interval session. If they catch you, you lose and exist the workout. If you out run all the creatures, you get a pair of socks/gloves/colored bike or some other pointless in game “asset”.

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