Training gearing query

Hi got my current road bike set up on the kickr v5. Now I’m looking at getting a gravel bike for trails and trainer duties, il be looking for a 2x set up. Question is should I look for at least 105 for the 11speed or if I got a 9 or 10 speed would that fit on my 11speed cassette? Don’t mind if I loose a gear or 2 just don’t know if I could fit and use with no issues.
The other thing I see some bikes have 11speed shimano grx, would these derailleurs fit the kickr fine?

11-speed derailleur on 9/10-speed cassette = indexing problem (likewise 11 speed cassette with 9/10 speed derailleur).

GRX derailleur works fine on 11-speed cassettes on Kickrs.

11 speed 105 is a great value groupset on a new gravel bike.


Ok thank you I will make sure I pick up an 11 speed gravel bike to make life easy :+1:t2:

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